26 Oct 2010
Ella Marshall
I am a self-confessed foodie, I am always seeking to test my taste buds.

I’ve not done any food related posts (my favourite!) in a while, so when I stumbled across this restaurant near my hotel, called Khrua Nai Baan, it seemed like the best opportunity to share with you the tastes of Thailand.

Quiet and unassuming at times, I was informed by locals that this low key restaurant was actually a hit with Thais in the area for the low price, high quality Thai feasts on offers….

…on first impressions I wasn’t so sure. The murky looking partially covered kitchen paired with the tablecloths that had seen better days didn’t instill me with the greatest confidence. Nor did the lizard that refused to remove itself from my table.

But as I’ve found throughout this journey, some of the best quality comes in the roughest of packages!

A menu offering the usual suspects of Thai cuisine led me to order the national favourite Tom Yung Goong (a hot and sour soup with shrimp and lemongrass) with a side of morning glory (also known as Water Spinach or Tung Choi in Chinese) fried in garlic and chilli.

And if you’re wondering just how fresh the food is at the restaurant, here’s your answer:

From tank to tummy in minutes!

The meal itself was great.

Fresh, authentic and tasty. In a word…quality!

I can’t say the service the best that I’ve received in Thailand (waitresses too busy nattering to take your order, slow to bring the bill), but I guess it’s the kind of place that you go to more for the food and authenticity. And the low price (around 300 THB, including drinks) didn’t hurt either.

If I’m honest, restaurants such as these- a so called ‘hole in the wall’- aren’t unique in Thailand. This is how locals eat, everyday. But as Westerners we’re often surprised when we come across such venues; places that are a little rough around the edges but produce exceptional quality, food-wise. But why? Why should quality, good quality, be synonymous with refinement or elegance? I wouldn’t dream of eating at a place like this back in London (er, hello salmonella), yet it seems that when abroad I am happy and willing to lower my boundaries and standards in the quest for good quality. Why is this?

What about yourselves? Do you find that when travelling you are more laid back in your quest for quality? Or do you maintain the same standards as at home?

Khrua Nai Baan

94 Langsuan, Lumphini, T: 02 253 1888, www.khruanaibaan.com

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