1 Dec 2010
Wolfgang Wagner
The thing I like most about travel is the constant challenge to discover something new and cope with the unforeseen

After now 60 days on the road, 17 flights, 15 different hotels in 14 cities and 60164 km flown, it´s time for some reflection on the quality of the services received. It purely reflects my personal opinion and obviously is highly biased, but nevertheless might give some indications for those who have been following this blog for the last nine weeks.

My business card

In most of my valuations, I have refrained from pointing out the “worst case scenario” (excemptions prove the rule) and tried to be as neutral as possible in my judgements.

Best Dinner: In Barcelona with my friend Jorge – fresh seafood, nice wine

Worst Dinner: Restaurant Millesimés, Paris – bad service, mediocre seafood, expensive, no charm resto

Best Hotel: Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong  – Brilliant location, perfect rooms, nice service, wonderful club lounge, great    Spa — my absolute favorite in Hong Kong

Smallest hotel room: Holiday Inn, Vantaa airport

Noisiest hotel room: Hotel Nasco, Milan

Most charming city: Barcelona

Most interesting city: Hong Kong

Most boring city: Duesseldorf

Most polluted city: Beijing

Worst concierge: Sheraton Hotel New Delhi – always grumpy, only wanted to sell hotel services which were expensive

Best value for money hotel: Hotel Viktoria, Duesseldorf

Cleanest city: Geneva

Most expensive internet rate: Marriott Hotel Manchester – 15 pounds per day

Best airline business lounge: Escape Lounge at Manchester airport

Worst hotel breakfast: Hotel Leidse Square Amsterdam – coffee and juice out of container, food not eatable for 10 euros

Best public transport: Hong Kong

Cheapest public transport: Beijing – 20 cents wherever you go

Quickest check-in and security check: Shanghai

Best scenic flight: Delhi to Helsinki – clear skies with superbe views on Himalaya mountains, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan

So far so good folks – this has been a great journey with its ups and downs. 9 weeks non stop is a long time and some places are for sure more exciting than others, but thanks to your support we stayed in the race and hopefully provided some interesting entertainment for you all.

Thank you to all of you for your comments being them positive, neutral or negative – they were all valued. Hope you enjoyed it – so long!!

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