16 Nov 2010
Ella Marshall
I am a self-confessed foodie, I am always seeking to test my taste buds.

One cannot visit Barcelona without indulging in a little tapas. It seems to be the cornerstone of every dining experience in Spain and tends to summarise perfectly the casual, spontaneous and relaxed spirit of the Spanish people themselves.

A local recommended that I visit Bar Lobo, which isn’t situated very far from MACBA. I recommend that you do the two in the same afternoon, as I did. The walk from the museum is only about 10 minutes, but there is so much to take in on the way that it becomes a part of the itinerary itself.

I think this is going to be one of those posts where I let the pictures do the talking…

The interior walls were plastered with posters for upcoming gigs in the city, while menus were presented on clipboards, giving the space a decidedly more edgy, youthful feel than is felt at more established tapas bars.

I ordered a selection of well known classics- Andalusian calamari, garlic prawns and patatas bravas- along with chicken, whitebait and artichokes with shaved ham.

Looking at the fresh, piping hot and, above all, simple food in front of me, I started to think about the food served on Finnair, and airlines in general. Passengers don’t want fancy (that’s what restaurants are for). They want, fresh, filling and tasty. Very simple, just like the food above from Bar Lobo. I’m not sure of the actual process of making airline food , but I get the feeling it’s over compliucated, with not much to show for it. Yet f I had been served a meal as simple as the food above (obviously on a much smaller scale), I would be more than satisfied. So why is it so difficult?

What kind of food would you like to see on airlines? Do you apprciate what they are trying to do, or would you rather simple, easy food?

And what do you think of Bar Lobo? I loved it! The service was friendly (which is sometimes difficult to come by in establishments such as this, where there is a fast table turnover) and the food was deliciously traditional yet presented in a thoroughly fresh milieu. Go if you can.

Bar Lobo

Carrer Pintor Fortuny 3, T 934 815 346, www.grupotragaluz.com/barlobo

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