The Quality Hunters


Christina Lund Sørensen


"I am a writer, photographer and reporter with a passion for bubbly wines great photography and old Swedish cars. I’ve written stories about tsunami victims and travelled with a group of American war veterans, who went back to Vietnam for the first time since the war. I cover travel, art, fashion, food, and life with the same passion and persistence as I cover politics and current events. And I can sing along to almost all the Rolling Stones’ songs."


Warren Singh-Bartlett


"I was born in Pakistan. My father is English and my mother is Indian. I was brought up between India, Taiwan, Brazil and almost every industrialised city you can think of in England. I am a writer, mostly for newspapers and magazines but I also write for television, where I do documentaries and magazine-style programmes. Writing is what I love. I’m happiest somewhere I do not belong, observing cultures other than my own. I enjoy being an outsider."


Ella Marshall


"I am a self-confessed foodie, I am always seeking to test my taste buds. I’m constantly on the lookout for trends in architecture, food, travel, and fashion. Creatively, I love to create collages. Based on anything from recent trips, meals or films I have seen; a stick of glue plus a pair of scissors and I’m happy! I am a reader and a writer – and an experienced blogger and freelance journalist."


Wolfgang Wagner


"I have extensive international experience having lived both in Europe and the US as well as having travelled the world on business and for leisure together with my family. I have experienced all service levels imaginable, ranging from first class pampering to ‘cattle class transport’. I value the time with my family and with my interests, which include for instance golf, travel and writing."

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