9 Oct 2010
Wolfgang Wagner
The thing I like most about travel is the constant challenge to discover something new and cope with the unforeseen

Who has not heard about the world´s best football club – the FC Barcelona? Millions of supporters in more than 100 countries watch when the club is playing. But is it only about sports? Certainly not!! This is all big business, right from where football is played – at the stadium. Camp Nou which is the name of the place fits in 100000 spectators and is mostly sold out during the playing season at prices from 60-160 euros a place. I went there just trying to get a glimpse inside the arena – would have cost me 19 euros just to see an empty stadium – no thanks. But the crowds standing in line to get inside made me wonder.

Camp Nou

Right next to the main stadium entrance is the largest fan shop I have ever seen, the FCB Megastore. On three levels, you can buy just everything where the FCB logo can be printed on – shirts, beer mugs, scarfs, knives, …. As my nephew is a big Lionel Messi fan, I got seduced and bought him a complete Messi playing outfit – for his past birthday which I missed!

The Barca Players

The Megastore

All this plus the income from TV rights brings the whole FC Barcelona up to a turnover of almost 400 million euros and it makes a profit compared to its big rival Real Madrid.

Next big thing in Barcelona is the sea – it has beautiful beaches which stretch along from the port to the Olympic village and beyond. But the big thing here is Boating – with or without motor. When strolling along the harbor, I saw more than a dozen really large yachts – all 30 metres plus long, pretty impressive. Further down the beach road, there is the Olympic harbor with hundreds of sail boats of all sizes having thrown their anchors – I would love to have all the money which the owners spent for these boats. But hey, it´s all sports, isn´t it?

A smaller yacht

Olympic harbor

The Whale - Olympic Port Barcelona

  1. Hi Wolfgang,
    Interesting report from the very beutiful city! Isn’t it?
    As a tourist you can say it’s a city where the quality is almost reached an end?

    dana mocrei, Sunday, October 10, 2010 14:17
    • It certainly is a very charming city

      Wolfgang Wagner, Sunday, October 10, 2010 16:57

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